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Another Successful Caravan

And that's a wrap! Our second "Covid" Caravan is done!

Many wonderful residents stopped by to donate food, toys, clothes and even money. Even under the never ending Covid clouds that we continue to live under the sunshine that breaks through, in the form of these annual donations from our generous residents, never stops to amaze us and for that we'll be forever thankful!

We would like to thank some very special people that worked the event that day. First and foremost special thanks to Martin Ross, our Christmas Caravan Chair, for always being able to pull off the planning and execution of this event no matter what obstacles are thrown in his way. Secondly we would like to especially thank members of our Toronto Police Services that were on site all day helping out. One of the officers, Police Constable Stephen Hogg, our new Markland Wood Community Response Unit Officer, actually did double duty that weekend as he also worked the TTC/TPS Stuff the Bus event on Saturday.

Next year will mark our 55th Christmas Caravan so we'll be planning something special. Hopefully we'll be be able to collect throughout the community like we have always done in prior years.

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