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President's Update

Written by Georgina Balascas, President MWHA on .

Hi everyone,

Well, the GTAA - what a past month. Quiet it has not been. As you have followed through our MWHA website postings, & our BLASTS, a major groundswell of anger has arisen, not just in Markland, but throughout West Etobicoke and Mississauga about the effects of the on-going runway maintenance at Pearson. Your MWHA has tried to sort out fact from rumour in terms of what is actually going on. This all culminated with the meeting of the Community Environment & Noise Advisory Committee (CENAC) on April 19. The anger and demands for cessation of the constant noise were palpable, and rightly so. We subsequently met with our MP Borys Wrzenewskyj at his constituency office at 577 Burnhamthorpe Rd (at The West Mall) to demand that he take more leadership to stop any plans by the GTAA to increase flights on the north-south runways. We also demanded that he do a lot more to pressure his Liberal Government leadership to bring the GTAA airport to rein and to restore Federal Government oversight of GTAA planning and operations. Our MP Borys Wrzenewskyj, our MPP Yvan Baker, our Councillor Steven Holyday and other political representatives of areas affected have been meeting behind the scenes and are planning a GTTA community meeting at Silverthorn Collegiate later in May. GTAA and CENAC officials will be there to grill. Come and do so. Residents of Markland with other communities have formed such proactive Facebook pages as Neighbours Against The Airplane Noise, and we support their efforts to share information and encourage your participation.

Reminder: The Annual Markland Wood (World's Largest) Garage Sale - Saturday May 27, 2017!

The first phase of runway maintenance is to end in mid-May, with a further session planned for the fall. But that does not signal the end of this battle. Indeed, it is only beginning and you need to be involved. Before the meeting at Silverthorn Collegiate, as we have sent out via MWHA Blast, I want to alert you to the GTAA Annual Public Meeting being held at the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre, Muskoka Ballroom II & III, 801 Dixon Rd. May 4 at 12:30 pm. Complimentary parking is available at the registration desk. There is a Q&A part of the program. This is a great opportunity to show solidarity with numbers and to tell them what you think about their behaviour and the whole process.

Swirling around is the Independent Toronto Airspace Review, recently completed by the British company HELIOS. People now feel that study was never "independent" or open-minded at all, but rather a cover for flight path and volume changes the GTAA has already decided upon. MP Boys Wrzenewskyj told us he wants the HELIOS representatives to return to Canada and answer to these suspicions. In short, we don't want any increased volumes and any changes to existing use of runways. We heard last week that interestingly the HELIOS consultation - Independent Toronto Airspace Review has been reopened for more consultation. Comments can be sent to the HELIOS team until the end of May via their email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please let them know how you feel today. We need as well to keep pushing the GTAA, CENAC, especially our political representatives, the Minister of Transport, the Honourable Mark Garneau, that we will not tolerate it. Garneau, by the way, although invited a number of times, has never accepted our hospitality to come to Toronto to meet with all these very angry communities. Consult our website www., our Marklanders, our Facebook page and our BLASTS for updated information. Locate their emails addresses and phone numbers there of our political reps. Inundate them with complaints. Email the Transport Minister. Come out to the public meetings to let your feelings be heard. Get involved.

On April 20, a public meeting was held at Silverthorn Collegiate concerning the proposed 240 Markland Dr. condominium development. It was called by the City Planning Department and the owner and was a full house. After presentations by the Councillor Steven Holyday, City Planner, owner’s solicitor, and architect, where the size of building was tracked lower and lower over the past 7 years, residents asked questions relating to where the process is, and raised such specific issues as parking, traffic, shadowing and the precedent it poses for elsewhere in the area. As you know, your MWHA has requested a further height reduction and other changes, and at the time of this publication, is still awaiting final response. There are residents involved in Facebook pages on this issue and we encourage their efforts to let their feelings be heard. This has been a long, long process which will end with the Planning Department making a recommendation on the final version of the proposed building to the Etobicoke/York Council and then ultimately City Council for a final vote by the Councillors. We will keep you posted.

For those who submitted complaints about damage done by Hydro and Bell work crews, be advised that we are finishing a report to Councillor Holyday and the companies involved requiring proper repairs and a more careful operation in the remaining areas of Markland. At present, Hydro subcontract crews of Entera have begun summer work in the NW quadrant of Markland, north of Toledo Rd. Continue to submit concerns if you have them to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Bye for now,
Dr. Donald Beggs, President