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President's Update

Written by Dr. Donald Beggs, President MWHA on .

Hi everyone,

Lots to bring you up to date on this month.

GTAA Airport

As you all know there was a Town Hall meeting hosted by our politicians at Silverthorn CI on Saturday, May 27. We did a lot of advertising for this event and it was worth it. The auditorium was packed with standing room only. It was hosted by our MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj, and with him on the stage were MPs of other constituencies affected by the planes. In the audience and speaking at the microphones were our MPP Yvan Baker and our Councillor Stephen Holyday. Representatives of the GTAA and NavCan (Navigation Canada), and the principal consultant for HELIOS were also on the stage. There are a number of messages one could take away from the meeting.

At the core of the GTAA and airplane noise is the manner in which the GTAA has related to surrounding communities, not just Markland Wood. GTAA and NAVCan representatives on the stage repeatedly heard these concerns expressed from the audience. People had had enough of poor communication and noise. So had the politicians. At the very bottom of the issue around airplane noise is that the GTAA was given a lease in the 1990’s by the Federal Government. With the lease, the GTTA is a relatively self-governing corporation. Generation of revenue would appear to be important, more important some say than community relations. Your MWHA would like the lease modified, and the GTAA brought back under the authority of the Federal Government. Some of the politicians called for greater civil oversight. Your MWHA agrees...

It was obvious at the Town Hall that the validity of the HELIOS study on possible changes to flight paths is being challenged. The principal consultant of the British airspace consultant company HELIOS admitted that there had been no formal public meetings in Etobicoke. The MWHA believes that the research aspects of this study need to be reopened and a proper research program undertaken. We have urged our politicians to also look at this process. Following the raucous community meeting at CENAC in April communications personnel of GTAA emerged with a Reference Panel to seek community input. Out of 20,000 invitation letters send out randomly by the Post Office, 36 were chosen to sit on this panel. It appears to us that no one from Markland Wood is among this 36 even though this community is greatly affected by airplane noise. Your MWHA has asked that the Panel be stopped and the selection process be analyzed by our politicians. On Saturday, June 3 the Chair of our MWHA GTAA subcommittee and myself spoke to the Reference Panel at the airport. We did so ‘under protest’ against the selection process, and made that clear, but wanted to take advantage of any and all opportunities to get the views of the MWHA and our community heard. I would say we got their attention and they learned the level of concern in ours and surrounding communities and what that upset is based on.

You will find information on our website airport pages on how to connect with our MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj, our Provincial MPP Yvan Baker and Councillor Stephen Holyday. GTAA contact information is also there. There is an insert in this Marklander to help you participate. If you never have let politicians know your concerns before, now is the time. Get involved. THEY need to lead this for us and we need to tell them that.

240 Markland Drive Condo Proposal

Last month I indicated to you that the MWHA had submitted to the applicant’s team 4 changes to the most recent version of the proposed development, including an interim parking plan for people living in the 240 Markland Dr. apartment. It appears they may not support all of our requests. It is likely they will hope to go the Etobicoke/York Council with the latest version of the development design as it is. The MWHA continues to urge our Councillor Stephen Holyday to push the Planning Department to require these changes be made before any submission is made.

Should the design go to Etobicoke/York Council without these changes, we urge Councillor Holyday to require that our changes be attached to the Planning Department Report as amendments. The MWHA 240 subcommittee is also liaising with other Etobicoke & York Councillors individually to press our case for these further modifications. Look as well for information coming to your attention on ways you can communicate with City personnel on this issue. Specifically, a BLAST coming out will assist you to send off personal emails to the City Planning Department. For those in the SW and NW quadrants of Markland, with the closest proximity to the development site, you get a door-to-door MWHA canvasser, who will urge you to fill out a personal letter at the door; you will hand it back and it will be delivered, hopefully in large numbers to City Planning, our Councillor and to myself. See PDF of: 240 Markland Drive - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report

Join Us On The MWHA

It is time to put together the members of your MWHA Board of Directors for 2017-2018. We need you to join so that the quality of life in Markland continues to be fostered and protected. If you are interested in a position on the Board, just call me for information at (416) 621-8072. Many of you have joined the cause to fight airplane noise either by contacting the GTAA or politicians personally or have become part of the Markland Facebook pages that are carrying the fight. Many have turned out at our public meetings on the 240 Markland proposed condominium. Others have expressed concerns about the damage done to our community by Please participate. Hydro and Bell installations. Carrying on your interest and effort to ensure the health and effectiveness of your MWHA Board is a very important community service opportunity to consider. There is no more important time to make that commitment.

This is our last edition until the fall.

Have a happy and safe summer.
See you in September.

Best regards,
Dr. Donald Beggs, President
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