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Board Update:

MWHA 2016 AGM Agenda

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is taking place at the Markland Wood Golf Club on October 26th at 7:00 p.m.

This year’s meeting is very important and we encourage all Members to attend.

  • We will be presenting and voting on amendments to our Constitution and By-Law No. 1. Details of these amendments are noted further below. 
  • Members will have an opportunity to Elect/Affirm the proposed Board of Directors and Officers that are listed below for the coming year. 
  • Representatives from Toronto Hydro will be presenting us with an update of their ongoing work in our neighbourhood and their schedule for the coming year. 
  • An update will be provided regarding the 240 Markland Drive development proposal.
  • MPP Yvan Baker and Councillor Stephen Holyday will also be in attendance and available during the break to speak with our members.

Our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. portal works! Toronto Police Service: 22 Division informed us that the person involved in the door knocking matter was identified and investigated by police. Further details can be found in this month’s Marklander. We have been informed by residents living on Mill Road between Bloor and Markland Drive that there has been a significant increase of speeding vehicles on this street. This is of great concern to us not only because it impacts their safety and the peaceful enjoyment of their homes but it also impacts the safety of the children attending Millwood Junior School. With the help of concerned and watchful residents throughout our neighbourhood we will continue to notify everyone of any situation that arises within Markland Wood or surrounding us. We encourage all residents to sign up to receive our email blasts and this year during our Membership Dues Drive everyone will have the ability to add a second email address to their resident profile. This will provide better and more direct communication from us.

We were recently informed by the City Planning Department that a revised proposal from the developer at 240 Markland Drive was received by them on October 14th. Your MWHA 240 Committee will be meeting in the coming weeks to review the submission and will subsequently meet with City Planning and Councillor Holyday to discuss it and to make arrangements for a community consultation meeting for sometime early in the New Year.

On Friday September 30th we hosted our first annual “Neighbours Night Out” community social event. Everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy this new informal cocktail party environment that included a free drink with admission and the possibility of winning many prizes. These prizes were donated by: Altech Security Systems, Azure Blue Photography and Cinema, Bev Evans of Evans Wealth Management Team, Cathy Graham, Cherries on Top, Cristal Beauty Salon & Spa, Digital Treasures, Doggie Central, Kingsway Conservatory of Music, Markland Wood Golf Club and Michele Maher Designs. Many of these businesses are Marklander advertisers and or residents within or around our community so please support them. A special thanks to the Markland Wood Golf Club and their entire staff for providing a beautiful venue, excellent service and delicious food. We would also like to expressly thank our Gold Sponsors, Kevin Crigger and Marti Philp, and our Silver Sponsor Cathy Graham. Their very generous monetary contributions allowed us to not only put together this event but helped us save funds that will be used for other projects or events within our community. We look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s “Neighbours Night Out”.

We have now started collecting the 2016/17 MWHA Membership Dues. If you know that you will be away or would like to pay quickly our Marklander contains a cut-out to mail in your $20 payment. There are also instructions for using PayPal on our website - should you wish to save a stamp and envelope.

Many of you already know that your MWHA is responsible for a number of events and involved in numerous issues affecting our community such as: Youth Leadership Awards, Christmas Caravan, Markland Wood Social, 240 Markland Development, Pearson Night Flights and Police Liaison/Markland Watch. What you might not be aware of are the numerous hours spent by your Board volunteers in dealing with other issues throughout the year that affect our community. This past year we have corresponded with: Toronto Hydro in regards to ongoing construction and street light outages, Councillor Holiday re: Millwood Park path rehabilitation, Burnt Log Cres. street paving issues and Bloordale Park North rejuvenation potential, City of Toronto – Parks, Forestry & Recreation re: tree planting and maintenance, Toronto Water Infrastructure Management re: Watermain Rehabilitation Program and Transportation Services re: road and sidewalk maintenance and speeding and safety on our streets. As you can see from the above your MWHA is fully committed to the objectives noted in our Constitution:

(a) To protect and promote the interests of the residents of the Markland Wood area of the City of Toronto.
(b) To further the orderly development of Markland Wood in such manner as to preserve and enhance the area; and
(c) To create, foster and maintain a community spirit in Markland Wood.

While at times it can be difficult to accomplish, please be assured that in pursuing the above objectives your MWHA always serves the collective interests of its residents. To ensure that these objectives continue to be met please continue to help us by not only paying your dues quickly but also by volunteering to serve as an Associate.

We are currently in need of Associates that can take over the important roles of Editor and Distribution Coordinator of the Marklander. If you would like more information on these roles, are interested in taking on one of these roles or looking to volunteer as an Associate please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Proposed MWHA Board Members (2016-2017) *

President: Don Beggs
Vice President: Saulius Brikis
Treasurer: Michele Maher
Secretary: Patrick Clifford

Joanne Azevedo-Vaz
Richard Boehnke
Brian Brennand
Mark Creedon
Peter Derry
Roma Donatelli
Barbara Kennedy
Katharine McLarty
Tom Napier

* - Pending their Election/Affirmation by the Membership at the AGM.



Constitution & By-Law No. 1 - Amendments


The Constitution may be amended at any general meeting of the Members by a resolution passed by two-thirds of the votes cast provided that notice of such resolution shall have been forwarded to the Members with the notice of such meeting.


1) Constitution Article No. 6: Directors & By-Law No. 1: 2 Directors

(h) REMOVAL OF DIRECTORS: Members of the MWHA may, by resolution passed by at least two-thirds of the votes cast at a general meeting of which notice specifying the intention to pass such resolution shall have been given, remove any Director before the expiration of the Director's term of office and may, by a majority of the votes cast at that meeting, elect any Member in his or her stead for the remainder of the term. 

• Amendment Article 6 (h)

REMOVAL OF DIRECTORS: Directors of the MWHA may, by resolution passed by a majority votes cast at any Board meeting, remove any Director after violation of the Code of Conduct (Article No. 14) after due process, before the expiration of the Director’s term of office and may, if needed, by a majority of the votes cast at that or any subsequent Board meeting, appoint by election any Member in his or her stead for the remainder of the term.

Note: By-Law No. 1 – 2 Directors (h) will also be revised to emulate Constitution Article 6 (h) amendment.

2) Constitution Article No. 7: Officers & By-Law No. 1: 3 Officers

(d) PRESIDENT TERM OF OFFICE:  The President is to be elected to a one-year term of up to no more than three (3) consecutive years and may be re-elected each subsequent year by vote at the AGM. 

• Amendment Article 7 (d)

PRESIDENT TERM OF OFFICE: The President is to be elected to a one-year term by vote at the AGM.

Note: By-Law No. 1 - 3 (d) will also be revised to emulate Constitution Article 7 (d) amendment.

(f) VICE-PRESIDENT TERM OF OFFICE: The Vice-President shall be elected to a one (1) year term for up to three (3) consecutive years.

• Amendment Article 7 (f)

VICE-PRESIDENT TERM OF OFFICE: The Vice-President is to be elected to a one-year term by vote at the AGM.

Note: By-Law No. 1 - 3 (f) will also be revised to emulate Constitution Article 7 (f) amendment.

3) Constitution Article 14

The fundamental principles of Parliamentary Procedure shall govern the conduct of meetings of the MWHA, its Board of Directors and committees so far as they may be applicable, without coming into conflict with the Constitution. 

• Amendment Article 14

The Markland Wood Homeowners Association (MWHA) Code of Conduct shall govern the conduct of all meetings of the MWHA, its Board of Directors, Associates and Committees so far as it may be applicable, without coming into conflict with the Constitution.

Articles tagged with: christmas caravan

Christmas Caravan 2015

on Sunday, 13 December 2015.

Christmas Caravan 2015

On Sunday, December 13th 2015 the Markland Wood Homeowners Association celebrated our 48th Christmas Caravan. This is our annual event to collect nonperishable food and clothing from every home on every street in Markland Wood!

This had to be by far one of the best Christmas Caravan and probably one of the busiest!

On the Friday night prior, several friends and neighbours gathered in my garage, eager to tape and prepare 100’s and 100’s of boxes ready for Sunday’s collections. They were done in record time and they all held together.

As Sunday morning came, the transport trailer arrived bright and early and all the cartons were loaded, tables set up, garbage bins readied and the packaging team assembled. Everyone arrived at the Markland Plaza, volunteers, three straight trucks, police escort vehicles, a fire truck, our tractor trailer, sound vehicle and even Santa Claus. We were ready to go.

Syrian Refugee Clothing Drive

on Sunday, 13 December 2015.

Well done Markland Wood!!

We truly are a generous and giving community and for that we should all be proud but volunteers are still desperately needed at CultureLink over the next 10 days – Can you help them out?

Empty 26' Truck

Sunday December 13th - 9am – Our 26’ CultureLink U-Haul truck rolls into the Christmas Caravan vehicle line in preparation for our procession through Markland Wood.


Many people questioned the size of our rental truck…some even laughed…have faith we told them!


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