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President's Update

Hi everyone!

This time of year, I can almost feel people urging things along to see that final break in the weather and the first signs of the early flowers poking their heads out of the soil. It is coming, almost any day now.

I want to start this month by talking to you about the MWHA dues we collect each year. Each of the Directors on your MWHA Board picks up one Route Book in the Fall to begin the collection process. Each Book has all the houses listed for usually 3 streets adjacent to each other. The Director comes to your front door and seeks to make a personal connection with you. While residents can pay by PayPal or by dropping a cheque for $20 into Directors’ mailboxes, this is one of the few opportunities Board members have to speak with you about your issues. The Director asks whether your listed phone number is still correct and if you would mind giving your email address for our records. This is important to ensure emergency Blasts sent out via our website get to as many residents as possible. We are still collecting this year. We know that each year new people move into our wonderful neighbourhood, people who as yet may not know about the dues collection and what the MWHA does for the community. If you know of neighbours or friends in Markland who are new, ask them on our behalf if they have paid their dues. If not, they can drop a cheque or cash payment into my mailbox at 25 Thicket Road, with their ad-dress and name clearly visible. We will ensure it gets to the Membership Committee. If you have not paid your dues please drop it in my mailbox as well. We need to make sure we can afford to continue the long list of activities we finance for the community. Please help us collect from every Marklander this and every year.


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Airport News

on Monday, 19 December 2016.

Report on Airport Activities:  
April 24, 2017

Events take over CENAC meeting on April 19 - Replaced with Community Expression of Outrage at the GTAA, Nav Canada and Transport Canada.

The GTAA had already heard of the mounting community anger and had prepared their facilities for a large crowd, formatted quite differently from the usual Community Environment & Noise Advisory Committee (CENAC) meeting seating designed for a limited 20 or 30 attendees. The preparation was still far too small to receive the great numbers on April 19 who flowed out the entrance doors and into the halls. Further, their usual smooth handling of unruly complainants counted for nothing in the face of the controlled rage of the citizens who made it clear that they were very unhappy with the present operation and were not impressed to hear of expansion plans for cargo and another seven million passengers.

From the start of the meeting, with its explanation of complicated planning and uncooperative weather, along with apologies for underestimating the number of flight changes and the effects of runway maintenance, the attendees from Western Toronto and Mississauga listened with growing hostility. Long lines stood patiently at the microphone and shared the bitter experience of the past few weeks. Many called for disciplinary action of the GTAA airport executive and the CENAC committee members present. In particular, the just completed Independent Toronto Airspace Review by British company HELIOS came under careful scrutiny because many saw it as a cover to recommend to the authorities what they already have planned. Essentially, this was later confirmed toward the end of the meeting; the ITAR is a vehicle to introduce a system of arrivals and departures impacting much more of Toronto than the present February 2012 imposition by Nav Canada over a tight east/west airspace channel. This airspace now receives much of the arrival and departure traffic entering and leaving Pearson.

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