Markland Wood | Community Established in 1960

President's Update

Georgina Balascas

Hello everyone!

Hi! As I am writing this update, we have already seen the first real sign of winter: SNOW!

I personally think it is too early. It is still the fall season according to the calendar so why is winter always so anxious to start? Can’t it wait until December 22nd, the actual date of the winter solstice to show up? I shouldn’t complain so much because we are very fortunate in Canada that we can experience all the beautiful seasons that nature has to offer!

The great thing about the early snow fall is that it signals that the holidays are coming and soon the festive lights and decorations will soon be on display in Markland Wood.


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240 Markland Drive Condo-Townhouse Proposal

on Wednesday, 06 June 2018.

UPDATE: 240 Markland Drive Proposed Development

On June 6th, the Council Chambers at Etobicoke Civic Center was overflowing with Markland residents concerned about the status of the 240 Markland Drive rezoning proposal. Since 2011, four building proposal iterations were submitted by the developer. The City Planning department seemed to be satisfied that the latest revision was close to being compliant to the Official City Plan for Apartment Neighbourhoods. The Planning department crafted a positive report that they presented to City Council. They recommended the proposal be accepted for the property to be rezoned. Since the developer appealed the project to the Ontario Municipal Board in December 2017, this was a request for guidance from the City Planning Department to the City Council. The agenda was tabled for June 6th, where 11 Etobicoke/York City Councillors would accept or reject the Planning report to recommend a rezoning change.

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