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President's Update

Georgina Balascas

Greetings everyone and welcome back!

I hope you had a wonderful summer filled with many fond memories. September is here so we are officially going into the fall season with its rich display of colours and cooler evenings. It is hard to believe that the MWHA is entering its 57th year as an association. That is quite an accomplishment and we are very proud of that history. We can only continue to serve our community with your support and financial contribution. The collection of dues has started early this year. Please welcome one of our Directors or Associates who will personally be coming to your door to collect the fee of $20. There are other methods to pay your fees as well. You may pay using PayPal or via e-transfer.

The Association has several committees that support the work of the MWHA, including Markland Watch, Airport Committee and the committee that is involved with the development at 240 Markland Drive. The Association and its committee members are all volunteers that devote an incredible amount of time and energy to issues that are of importance to our community. The Marklander and the email blasts are two very important avenues that we use to keep the residents informed. 


Municipal Election Candidates Meeting October 10, 2018

on Tuesday, 18 September 2018.

Toronto Votes 2018“With Great Power comes Great Responsibility” (quote from Spiderman) and there is no greater responsibility than electing (hiring) those who will govern us for the next term in office. Our future governments will determine the way we live for not only their next term in office but will also impact future generations in the way our children and grandchildren live. We are privileged to live in a country and province where we have the opportunity to elect our government and Marklanders hold a prestigious standing where we have a much higher voting turnout than most ridings in Canada, Ontario and the City of Toronto. Obviously the residents of Markland Wood care about how we live and our future generations.

The act of voting takes only moments but will have a huge impact on lives. With that being said, it is the MWHA’s honour to provide you with the opportunity to meet, question and learn about your Municipal candidates who will be asking for your vote. At the time of writing this article, there are only a few candidates who are declared and will ask for your vote in the upcoming Toronto Municipal Election on October 22nd, however, we expect many others from various Parties to participate and of course, all are welcome.

Toronto Election Website:

The Markland Wood Candidates Meeting was be held on October 10th. 

Venue: St. Clement Catholic Church,
Parish Hall, enter from the parking lot
Address: 409 Markland Drive
Date: October 10th, 2018
Time: 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

It was a standing room only crowd that attended the candidates meeting. Unfortunately, the top mayoral contenders, John Tory and Jennifer Keesmaat did not attend. However, there was a full slate of Trustee, Councillor and most of the Mayoral candidates who did attend. The atmosphere was cool and calm although the record high seasonal temperatures were extremely hot and inside the hall, there were three fans working continuously. Candidate after candidate took their place at the lectern providing the audience with their platform information and often describing a little about themselves. We congratulate the audience for their calm demeanour and patients as 26 candidates’ speeches is a long wait, especially later into the evening. We congratulate each candidate for their excellent presentations and their attendance that evening. On October 22nd, will see who won the hearts and votes of the Markland Wood and Toronto's Ward 2 community.

These were the Rules and Format:
The rules are simple, each candidate from each of their areas of candidacy will be allowed to speak for an allotted time. Depending on how many candidates confirm their attendance, will depend on how much time each has to speak. Each candidate can cut their speech short to answer questions from the audience up until their allotted time expires.

Since our family moved into Markland Wood, I have had the privilege of participating in many Candidates Meetings. The word, “responsibility” was used many times in this article. It is my hope that all of you who attend will take your right to vote responsibly. It is our hope that we will all be well educated after the meeting concludes.

Thank you,
Tom Napier

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