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Written by Georgina Balascas, President MWHA on .

Georgina Balascas

Summertime and the living is easy...

I am so looking forward to those lazy, hazy days of summer! I just love summer! I hope you do too! It is a time to relax and enjoy family and friends by the pool, at the cottage, or barbecuing in the backyard. Perhaps travel is on your agenda this summer. Whatever your plans are, I hope you enjoy this wonderful season.

The MWHA has had a very busy schedule this year and especially this past month. In May we held several events: the All-Candidates Meeting for the provincial election, our Annual Garage Sale, a Community Safety evening, and the meeting of the Etobicoke York Community Council for the rezoning application for 240 Markland Drive. For all those members of the community who came out to these events, our sincerest thanks. I would especially like to thank those residents who came to support the MWHA at the Etobicoke York Community Council meeting on June 6th. What a tremendous turnout!


Eighteen speakers made presentations to the Council. They spoke eloquently and with passion representing the views of residents and defending our community. We proved that Markland Wood is a very special place and that we truly care about our community.

The MWHA would like to thank Councillor Holyday for his support in making the motion to amend the staff report from the City Planning Department that recommended that the development at 240 Markland Drive move forward as planned. The unanimous decision of the Community Council to adopt the motion with several amendments will be considered by the full City Council on June 26th at the Toronto City Hall. If you can attend that meeting, we would once again appreciate your support. Once the agenda is published, we will let the community know the time when this item will be discussed. The MWHA asked for two specific amendments to the staff report:

  1. to reduce the height of the main building because we are concerned that a taller building is not appropriate for the site and anything taller would set a dangerous precedent for the other apartment properties in the area.
  2. to incorporate terracing on the south side of the building so that the residents facing the building are not looking at a concrete wall. There is still work to be done as we move towards the OMB which is now known as LPAT ( Local Planning Appeal Tribunal). The first date to start this process will be on August 13th . We will communicate our progress through email blasts and the September issue of the Marklander.

The MWHA has already started planning for 2018-2019. There will be a Family Fun Day on September 8th. Further details will follow during the summer. Moreover, there will be a Municipal Election this fall so we have scheduled another All-Candidates evening for September 26th at St. Clement’s Parish Hall. Also, our AGM will be held on October 29th at the Markland Wood Golf Club. Please mark these dates on your calendar. We look forward to seeing you at these events.

The collection of our annual dues will be starting in the summer this year. Please welcome the Director or Associate who knocks on your door and support your Association with your dues of $20. This is the last edition of the Marklander until September.

My thanks to our editor, Anna Schaefer, who does a tremendous job each month in organizing our newsletter. In addition, I would like to thank all the Directors and Associates of the MWHA for all their hard work this year. They are a very dedicated group of volunteers who truly care about Markland Wood.

In closing, I would like to thank the residents of Markland Wood for their unwavering support of the MWHA.

I want to wish you a healthy and safe summer filled with many happy memories with family and friends.

Regards until next time,
Georgina Balascas, President
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