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President's Update

Written by Georgina Balascas, President MWHA on .

Georgina Balascas

Hello to summer!

June is finally here and the official date of summer is around the corner!

I love the feel of sunshine and warmth and the anticipation of what summer adventures await everyone.

The MWHA has had a very busy month of May. We held our second monthly “Circle of Friends” Breakfast on May 24th at the Markland Wood Golf Club. Thank you to those of you who came. This is a great opportunity for myself and some of the Directors to meet members of the community and their families. I certainly enjoy meeting and chatting with you in a friendly and comfortable setting. We are holding our last “Circle of Friends” Breakfast for this season on Sunday, June 21st between 10:30 a.m. and noon at the Markland Wood Golf Club. This will give you the opportunity to celebrate Father’s Day, so bring Dad and treat him to breakfast! We will resume the breakfast in September.

On Saturday, May 30th, our Annual Community Garage Sale took place! As I walked through the community that morning I certainly noticed that there was a lot of activity and traffic! By all accounts, this was another successful event for Markland Wood! Thank you to all of you who participated. 

Attendees at 240 Markland Drive Community MeetingModel by Brian Brennand - 240 Markland DriveNow to the major issue that is currently impacting our community: the proposed condo development at 240 Markland Drive. The MWHA invited the community to a public meeting to inform the residents about the third submission from the developer. The rezoning application is still under review by the City of Toronto Planning Department. The meeting was held on Monday, May 25th and the turnout was truly amazing! The MWHA was so grateful to the community for having responded in such a positive and supportive way to our invitation. We want to sincerely thank all of you for taking the time out of your busy lives to come to this very important meeting.

New Proposed Layout for 204 Markland Drive

In attendance we had our City Councillor, Stephen Holyday. Unfortunately our MPP, Yvan Baker, had to remain at Queens Park that evening. However, his constituency assistant did attend the meeting. Peter Swinton, the planner from PMG Consulting, whom the MHWA has retained, made a very informative presentation. He reviewed the two previous submissions and then went on to explain why this third submission by the developer still does not meet the requirements of the Official City of Toronto Plan. After the presentation, there was an opportunity for a question and answer session. The questions were well thought out and the responses were very important for the community to hear. The last question that was asked was directed to Councillor Holyday. The resident asked if this proposal went to City Council in its current manifestation, would he vote against it. The Councillor replied that he would vote against it! We want to thank the Councillor for his support and advocacy. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Brian Brennand, who built a 3-D model of the proposed condo development. This model was built to scale and it certainly helped us to visualize and comprehend the size, density and enormity of this development. It made a definite impact! Thank you Brian for all your hard work and effort. There is a photo of the model on the front cover. Please take the time to read the executive summary of the community meeting that is included in this edition. I want to thank the members of the community who could not attend the public meeting, but who have emailed both Councillor Holyday and myself and offered their support.

In addition, some of you have called us to express your concerns about this proposed development. My thanks to you as well.

The MWHA has started to plan for the fall season. Please save the following dates:
September 27th: “Circle of Friends” Breakfast (to be confirmed)
October 2nd: Annual Fall Social
October 28th: MWHA A.G.M. (to be confirmed)
All three events will be held at the Markland Wood Golf Club.

This is the last edition of the Marklander until the fall. We will publish again in September. I want to wish you and your family a safe and wonderful summer season filled with many happy memories.

See you in September...
Georgina Balascas, President
Markland Wood Homeowners Association