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President's Update

Written by Georgina Balascas, President MWHA on .

Georgina Balascas

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I can’t believe that February is already here and the official start of spring is only six weeks away! In celebration of that event we are holding our annual Marklander Cover Contest for spring. Once again, we are asking all children 10 years of age and under to submit a drawing that will be used as a front cover for this year’s March issue. All entries must be submitted by February 29th. Please read further in this issue for more details.

On January 10th, our MPP, Yvan Baker, held his annual levee and ceremony for the Etobicoke Centre Community Recognition Awards for 2015. We are delighted that the MWHA nominees were selected as recipients of an award for outstanding volunteer service to the community. Our sincerest congratulations go to Roma Donatelli, Richard Boehnke and Saulius Brikis for their outstanding work on the MWHA Airport Committee...

...They certainly deserve this award. It was my honour to accept the award on Roma’s behalf who could not attend the ceremony. Please read the article entitled “Report on Airport Activities”. This will give you a good overview of the work of the Airport Committee and why these three individuals deserve this honour. See the awards write up below.

Our Membership Drive is over for this year. For some of you who may still not have had an opportunity to submit your membership dues, you have received a notice on this month’s issue of the Marklander. We would greatly appreciate it if you could make arrangements to drop off $20 along with your notice. Cheques should be made payable to the MWHA. You may also pay using PayPal. If you would like someone to pick up your payment, please do not hesitate to call me.

The Board and the Committees of the MWHA are hard at work. We continue to be in touch with our representatives from all three levels of government. We have met with Councillor Holyday and our new MP for Etobicoke Centre, Borys Wrzesnewskyj to discuss the issues that impact the Markland Wood community. We very much appreciate the opportunity to meet with them and we thank them for their time.

On Sunday, February 28th, we are having our next “Circle of Friends” Breakfast at the Markland Wood Golf Club at 10:30 a.m. We have had the pleasure of meeting several families who are new to Markland. This has been a wonderful opportunity for these families to connect with others in the community. Please see the notice in this issue for further details and please make a reservation to join us. We would love to see you again or meet you for the first time.

I hope you and your loved ones enjoy Valentine’s Day and Family Day! And remember that this is a leap year and February has 29 days!

See you in March and I am hoping that the milder weather will continue until spring has fully sprung!

Until next time,
Georgina Balascas, President
Markland Wood Homeowners Association


MWHA Officials Win 2015
Community Award!
January 10th, 2016


We are pleased to inform you that three of your MWHA Board members have been selected for the 2015 Community Service Award, offered by the office of Yvan Baker, your Etobicoke Centre MPP. The Award is for significant service to the community. The Board members are Richard Boehnke, Saulius Brikis and Roma Donatelli. They were selected in an open nomination process from all across Etobicoke Centre for their work in monitoring, on behalf of the community, the GTAA and Pearson Airport operations, specifically in 2015, for campaigning hard here in Etobicoke and in Ottawa for protection of our families from an increase in night flights. Their efforts have been recognized as benefitting not only our Markland community, but the whole of Etobicoke Centre (as well as Etobicoke-Lakeshore, Etobicoke North and a number of Mississauga ridings), all affected by airport operations.


Due to their tireless efforts, GTAA airport officials, the Minister of Transport and other government officials in Ottawa are well aware of these three Markland officials, of your Markland Wood Homeowners Association and their dogged commitment to the community on this issue. This Award is yet another example of the quiet work of your MWHA, often unknown by Markland residents, to protect and enhance the quality of life we all enjoy. Our sincere congratulations to Roma, Richard and Saulius!