Markland Wood | Community Established in 1960


Positively Promoting Markland

The “Positively Promoting Markland” Committee Mandate

The “Positively Promoting Markland” committee is a duly authorized committee of the Board of Directors of the Markland Homes Association as contemplated in section 7 article (g), (i) which reads as follows:

“The Board shall appoint such committees as are deemed necessary to carry out the affairs of the Markland Wood Homeowners Association; to include at least:

  • Public Relations Committee
  • Nominations Committee

The mandate of the Positively Promoting Markland committee is to investigate, develop and recommend to the full Board ways and means of enhancing the image and profile of the Markland Wood area in the GTA. The target constituency includes first and foremost residents but also elected representatives, visitors, people in transit, youth and others interested or impacting on the quality of life within Markland Wood.

To accomplish its mandate the Committee shall annually prepare and submit for approval a “work plan.” This work plan will incorporate the major activities planned for the coming fiscal year and an approximate cost for each activity. It is anticipated that the Board will approve in whole or in part the work plan and that the Committee will then execute the work plan and report to the Board at each meeting. The Board reserves final approval authority on all expenditures and or commitments included in the work plan in excess of $500.